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Leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Hospitality Equipment

We are the leading supplier and manufacturer of hotel outdoor & lobby items in Nigeria. We offer quality equipment & service. At ZimLock, we are your reliable partner for your project.

Zimlock is a subsidiary of Tag Exchange Online Services Nigerian limited, Registered in Nigeria for the provision of advanced security technology services.
Our expertise is in the fields of special protection, consulting, and instructing, Sales Security gadgets and Equipment, Zimlock was set up to meet the demand for professional security knowledge and capabilities in the area of hospitality industrial, private and government sectors.
We have established our reputation at the forefront of security locks supplied companies in Nigeria, utilizing a wide range of the most advanced security locks systems, teams of high-standard professional guards and leading security means using the latest methods in Hospitality technological equipment and knowledge. Our company is being consulted by  high-ranked manufacturer in China and USA companies who has their experience in advance security and hospitality knowledge, Zimlocks is the first choice when it comes to hospitality equipment and hotel locks and Accessories, advanced technology gadgets, Security-conscious organizations, businessmen, and high-profile figures. Among our clients are are super excited in dealing with us in any category of business.

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